Irradia: Kirurgiska och medicinska lasrar
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Laser therapy
Surgical laser - CO2 laser
Surgical laser - Holmium laser
Blood vessels
Tatoo removal
Laser peeling

About Irradia

About Irradia

Irradia is a Swedish company located in Stockholm. It was founded in 1977.

Irradia developes, manufactures and market medical and surgical lasers since 1983.
Irradia is the only Swedish company which manufactur both medical and surgical lasers.

Irradia supports and helps the Swedish Laser-Medical Society as well as the English section LaserWorld.

Irradias vice president Lars Hode has written five books on laser therapy and has released "Laser Therapy - Clinical Practice and Scientific Background".

Irradia brings lasers into line with consumer demands.

Company info

Please contact us at
Irradia AB
Box 27137,   
10252 Stockholm Tel: + 46 8-7672700
Fax: + 46 8-7672706
Email:laser (at)  


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