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Laser peeling

What does laserpeeling, skin resurfacing, skin rejuvination do?
The light of laser has some extraordinary characteristics. One of these is that if you evaporate a very thin layer of the skin, you will get a skinrejuvination wich are more powerful than any other type of peeling. When this superficial burninjury heals, you will see new shiny skin replacing the old and you will have antiaging effect. The fine wrinkles will be gone or considerable reduced.

How does a laserpeeling with Er-YAG laser work?
An Er-YAG laser emitts very strong pulses. The light comes from a probe held a centimeter from the skin. The light is absorbed in the top superficial skinlayer and are evaporated. Each pulse is of coine size, Then procedure is repeted to next spot.

Can everybody be treated?
Principly yes, except for people taking on special medication.

How long does it take?
The whole process is about a couple of hours, including some anaesthesia cream on hour before. In most cases there are no need for anaesthesia. A whole face is about 1 hour. Other parts has to be individully measured.

Before operation?
No suntanning is preferable. Mostly because of risk for pigment changes

Is it enough with one treatment?
Yes. Some like to do some complementary treatment after a year or two. Full effect of the treatment is in about 3 - 9 months. Thats how long the skin actually is growing and getting thicker.

Which result is to be expected?
Full effect of the treatment is in about 3 - 9 months in some cases up to a year. The Er:Yag laser is best on the small fine wrinkles in the face, and especially around the eyes. The new skinregeneration starts allmost immedietly, after two weeks the new skin is in progress. Most patients are very pleased with the quality of the new skin, its very soft and smoth. During time the collagen layer in the skin grows and up to 1 year there will be a thickening in the skin causing the wrinkles away.

Does it hurt?
The Er-YAG is a so called coldlaser. No anestisia is necessary and if feels very little in comparions to the carbondioxid laser.

Normally short after there will be a blush in the skin, and short after the skin might be warm. After a 1-2 weeks the woundhealing should be finished. Of course don't scratch the blister, due to the risk of scars. Sometimes there could be temporary pigment changes, especially if the skin is tanned. There might be a itching feeling in the skin a week after.

Is laser light dangerous?
The pulses of the Er:Yag laser are very strong. Therefore uses both patient and therapeut protection glasses, which will filter the light.


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