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Laser therapy
Surgical laser - CO2 laser
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About Irradia

Surgical laser - CO2 laser

Applications of CO2-laser
CO2-lasers are used effectively in - Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Gynecology, Oral Surgery, Neurosurgery etc

Examples on indications where the CO2-laser allways is the best alternative:

  • Condylom,
  • syringom
  • thrichoepitheliom
  • adenoma
  • sebaceum
  • xantelasma
  • Multiple cystos t.ex tricholemma cystos
  • steatocystoma multiplex
  • acne retentionscystos och milier.

Indikationer where the CO2-laser is very useful:

  • Hidradenitis superativa
  • veruccae
  • neurofibromatos
  • xantelasmata
  • rhinophyma
  • aktinisk cheilit
  • venus lake
  • angiom
  • hematom
  • ytliga basaliom (after curetage)
  • lentigo solaris
  • lentigo senilis
  • veruccae senilis
  • tattos

Examples where the laser shows its great strenght is on eyelidoperations, fimosis och circumcisio.
Contraindications (in Sweden) is evapation of naevocellulära naevi.

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)
Evaporations of different cystor, molusker, polyper, benigna and malign tumors (also on the cord by micromanipulator throug microscop.) LAUP (laserassisterad uvuloplasti). Excision of verrucous carcinoma (stage T1 och T2) in larynx.

Gynecologic and urologic conditions
Evaparotion of condyloma, fimosis, cirkumcisio etc. Excision of peniscancer. With a scanner its also possible to evaporate very thin layers of tissue.


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